Aurolex Plug and Play sound and vibration monitoring system helps mitigate noise

The Aurolex Noise and Vibration Monitoring System is a popular tool among contractors, engineers, municipalities and other organizations concerned with keeping sound levels at or below regulation in the Netherlands, throughout Europe, and now in North America. Since committing to strict noise pollution policies designed to protect the health of citizens, Holland’s large community of engineers, sound and technology experts has been working to create tools that help businesses maintain their bottom while mitigating noise and other environmental pollutants.

Since launching the Aurolex Noise and Vibration Monitoring System, our customers have been able to take control of their productivity by taking control of their environmental responsibilities.

The Aurolex Remote Audio Monitoring System equips your PC with 11 real-time sensors to monitor noise, vibration, air pollution, temperature, wind speed and direction, relative humidity and more. When the Aurolex sensors detect values reaching or exceeding regulatory limits for monitored elements, an alarm is automatically triggered and a status report is immediately generated via SMS or email to designated users.

You determine the frequency of the automatic reporting system and set it to adhere to your specific needs. Automatic reporting can be set for any time cycle—once hourly, once daily, or any interval in between.

The Aurolex Sound Monitoring System corresponds to a type 1, IEC-61672 (class 1) standard, with factory certificate Type 1, IEC 61672 and 61260. An optional Type 1 IEC 61672 certificate sanctioned by the Dutch Accreditation Council is also available.

Reliable measurement results meeting strict Dutch guidelines are characteristic of the Aurolex company’s standard of excellence. The Aurolex Sound Monitoring System arrives ready to use in the U.S. and Canada with no additional software required. In fact, all that’s needed is an Internet connection—Aurolex comes equipped with an integrated modem (LAN, analogue or GPRS.) 

The Aurolex Monitoring System can be fitted with batteries and charged via solar (panels) for use in remote locations. The system is equipped with an external field measurement microphone and BSWA array sound intensity probe, all encased in IP-66 waterproof housing.  Aurolex makes the system available to purchase for the same price as you’d pay for a sound level meterar, or simply rent one if your needs are short-term.

The system is portable and easy to use; simply turn it on and connect to the Internet to familiarize yourself with the measurement data. You can set it to email real time data to you directly from our servers, without the headaches and hassle of any software installation. You’re invited to request a free demo straight from our website to get a feel for its features and response.

Aurolex provides a universal gateway with extensive IO configuration. The system’s two serial ports make it possible to program specific protocols for sound monitoring and for monitoring other parameters such as light, air quality, vibration levels, windirichting, wind speed and more.

Used by a variety of businesses and organizations to continuously monitor sound levels, the Aurolex system alerts field personnel when levels exceed regulatory limits. Governmental agencies depend on it to maintain measurements and records of overruns. At the TT motorsport racetrack circuit in Assen, Netherlands, the Aurolex Sound and Vibrations Monitoring System is used to provide real-time noise data as a public health service, and to satisfy racetrack officials’ obligation to regulate noise levels and honor their commitment to full transparency.

The Aurolex system preserves noise and vibration readings, plus all addirional collected data for a full year. All data collected can be exported with just the press of a button.

Aurolex as been or is being used by a diverse group of European industries businesses and institutions including:

  • European gas infrastructure company Gasunie / Kema
  •  Central Station, Rotterdam
  • The Hague
  • Amsterdam's North-South line
  • Provincial contractors
  • Multi-national contractors
  • Engineering firms  
  • Large private corporations
  • Government municipalities
  • Large contracting companies
  • Damage assessors.

The Aurolex monitoring system is equipped with a Class 1 sound level meter, engineered to receive and measure noise and vibration in accordance with the Netherlands’ Noise Measurement Manual. The Netherlands is a world leader in lowering noise pollution levels throughout the country, while encouraging innovative technology from companies like Aurolex to produce new tools that can assist industrial, municipal and corporate employers in maintaining productivity while adhering to noise restrictions.

Aurolex and its parent company ABC International Trade B.V served as expert consultants in a noise violation case heard by the Court of Dordrecht, Netherlands.The Court made its ruling in the case based on noise measurements collected by the Aurolex system.

All data is sent from the Aurolex portal to the user. Customers wishing to use their own server for data collection are welcome to, and Aurolex will be happy to arrange a smooth set up to get your data to you directly at a low cost.