Results can be displayed graphically or as data in tables; users can choose the layout they prefer. 

Reports can be automatically sent to any email address in PDF or Exel format. No more measuring sites to collect data.

Thresholds can be set for alarm to activate and automatically notify useers via SMS or email.

All measured values ​​can be easily edited in Excel.

Push data system

Since Aurolex works with a "push data system, there is no need to install any software. The system provides users with the ability to plot the data themselves and automatically generate reports.

•    Mapping points are immediately visible on Google Earth from the Aurolex server.
•    Automatically map your points with the Aurolex system's built-in GPS.
•    Aurolex provides automatic backups and data storage for one year from date of registration.

For data acquisition, we apply the ABC Monitoring Box 4 (part of the ABC Aurolex Monitoring System) that offers numerous options, comes equipped with an internal modem and is fully plug-and-play.

Measured values are stored directly in a database that cam be accessed via an Internet connection so users can see real time results online.

The ABC Monitoring Box 4 can be connected to most available sensors including sound meters, vibration meters, humidity meters, temperature meters, inclinometers, crack gauges and strain gauges.

Below is a sample sound spectrum analysis graphic: