Aurolex is Flexble Monitoring!

Aurolex Remote monitoring

The flexible Aurolex Monitoring System gives users the ability to simultaneously enlist 11 sensors to measure and collect data for real time viewing from any computer with an Internet connection.

Aurolex users measure sound (standard), vibration, light, air, GPS position, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity and more, and store data logs for up to a year.  

When one or more of the elements monitored by the Aurolex system exceeds regulatory levels, a pre-set alarm value is triggered and an email or SMS is sent immediately to authorized users.

With the Aurolex System:
•  Reports are automatically generated in PDF or Excel format.
•  Reports can be plotted on maps and photos sent by e-mail automatically.
•  All data can be sent automatically to your email or to an approved group of email addresses.

You decide which tables, graphs and reporting programs to use. Aurolex offers a number of standard tables, charts and report formats to choose from.

The Aurolex Monitoring System can be powered by a solar panel, batteries or AC power.

Data transfer takes place through the built-in modem (GPRSGSM data, Lan, ISDN, Analog).

The Aurolex System is dust and waterproof to IP67, and accommodates connection to a digital weather station via RS485.