Data distribution

Hi-performance, data distribution and PC compatibility

Aurolex system:

The ABC Aurolex Noise and Vibration Monitoring System allows for real-time monitoring 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The results can be displayed graphically or as data in tables. Users can determine which layout they prefer for their automatic reports. Reports can also be automatically sent to any email address as a pdf file. Thanks to the Aurolex system, there is no need to manually measure sites to collect data any more, and tresholds can be set for maximum noise and vibration values before an alarm is automatically activated and notice is sent via SMS or email. All measured values ​​can also be easily edited in Excel.

Push data system:

Since Aurolex uses a push data system, no software installation is necessaty.  Users can set the Aurolex to plot data and automatically generate reports. Thanks to the Aurolex's built-in GPS system, your data is immediately visible on Google Earth when you log on to our server, and Aurolex provides automatic backups and stores the data for one full year from date of registration.

For data acquisition, we apply the ABC Monitoring Box II (part of the ABC Aurolex System which is equipped with an internal modem and is fully plug and play. The measured values ​​are stored directly in a database and can be viewed over the Internet. This provides users with the ability to conveniently review all results online. The ABC Monitoring Box II can be connected to almost all available sensors for measuring sound levels, vibration meters, humidity meters, temperature, light and more. 

Trend module

The trend module offers users the ability to display data graphically. The ability to scale time and data to suit your individual needs makes the trend module a high demand tools among Autolex users. In addition, the data can be exported so that it is easy to edit in Excel.

Alarm module

The Aurolex system comes with an alarm module that transmits a warning or alarm signal via SMS or e-mail to one or more individuals who are designated to receive them If a preset value is exceeded. Faults or failures may also be displayed in the Aurolex measuring system. When values of alert thresholds are exceeded, correlatiing data can be optionally displayed via the Internet interface so you can see at which points the breach occurred directly upon logging in.

Remotely operated

The ABC-Monitoring Box II comes with an array of ports that provide flexibility to the process. The box for example can be used to reset measuring equipment, a task that can be performed from your office or via the Internet.

Accessible from any location worldwide

The Aurolex system is web-friendly, meaning it no longer needs to be reset to certain locations in order to extract or add data.  All that is needed is a PC with an Internet connection.