Inspections & Compliance

The Aurolex monitoring system can be used for automated inspections and control evaluation to meet certain conditions and parameters, Parameters are set online by the user in advance. When monitoring vibration, Aurolex makes sure the system's monitor value limits are not overwritten to prevent damage from the vibrations. When monitoring noise, the Aurolex system can automatically measure and record sound for an extended period of time. The same goes for sound or vibration levels or concentrations in workplaces and on job sites. For example, the Aurolex can be used to monitor noise in a nightclub or on a construction noise. The system continuously measures and monitors noise and vibration limit values so contractors can provide documented proof of their noise and vibration emissions and can describe any actions taken during when the Aurolex system set off an alarm due to noise and/or vibration limits being exceeded.This also applies to certain settings, angle distortions, crack widths, water levels, light intensity, etc.