Standard version

The standard Aurolex Noise Monitoring System includes:

Standard price (mid-2014)  $7,775 (€ 5750,)
-, class 1 IEC 61672-1 with certificate, including outdoor unit and BSWA microphone, lithium battery (optional), solar control unit (option), 220V socket, ABC data logger 11 channel GPRS modem, IP67 bekasting.
   •  Default values​​, 1/1 octave, Leq, Ln (10-95), Lmax, Lmin, Lpeak. Leq.
   •  The Aurolex meter is manufactured by BSWA (China) and is only available in combination with the Aurolex
     •  Monitoring System (specifications and certificates of Type1)
   •  Optinal values for third ovtaves (can be activated via code)

Filters A, C, Lin: standard profiles 3 can be measured, such as  an L95 in dB (A) dB and LCmax in (C), etc.) at the same time.

Options include a solar panel 125W, longer cables, other sensors such as CO2, vibration, wind speed / direction, digital weather station, etc.
     Weight approx 2.3 kg, dimensions 130 x 160 x 65 mm.
     Internal power supply with lithium battery, power consumption depends largely on the amount of data and the
frequency with which the data is transmitted.

Basically, each sensor can be connected. The default sound monitoring system has two digital inputs and 7 analog inputs 0-10 mV or 1-10 volts for connecting sensors. Optional CHANNELS more can be added (also wireless).

Worldwide use where GPRS, LAN or WIFI is available.
Standard automatic report generator (PDF or Excel), layout etc. can be completely customized to your liking by user.

The ABC-monitoring system is compatible with wiindows and mac.


Pictures of the system: