Highlights of the Aurolex System

Why Aurolex?

Geluidsmonitoring en Trillingsmonitoring

Push data system:
•  No need to install any software.
•  Able to generate reports automatically
•  Able to plot maps or photos measurement results and data automatically
•  Data is automatically stored and backed up

Measured values ​​are directly available via Internet or Intranet, worldwide
•  Alarms transmit personal online adjustable alerts by SMS or email.

•  The Aurolex system monitors itself and meters faulty digital signals.
•  Suitable for all common sensors and gauges, optional wind speed, humidity, GPS etc.
•  Via RS485 serial connection possible as an option.
•  Configuration via the Internet (system management).
•  Ability to release on the Internet. Limited portion of the data
•  Integrated modem (ISDN, analog, Ethernet or GSM / GPRS).

Optional power supply via solar panel or lithium batteries.

Class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672; 2002.
•  Type 1 microphone, 1/2 ", 20 mV / Pa, prepolarised condenser microphone
outdoor kit.
•  Range 25 dB (A) RMS - 141 dB (A) peak.
•  Measurement data, among others Leq, Spl, L1-L99, Lmax, Lpiek.
•  Filter A, C, and Z.
•  Dynamic range 120 dB.
•  Frequency range 20 - 20.000 Hz

•  Operating temperature -10 to +50 degrees Celsius.
•  Humidity: up to 90% RH (no condensation).
•  Set is weatherproof IP67
•  Power measurement set via built-in battery or solar panel with optional pluggable.
•  Wireless data transfer (GPRS, WLAN, GSM, telephone).

Prepared for adding sensors that record the measurement conditions such as wind speed and direction, air quality, levels of vibration, light etc.

Online monitoring over the internet. Direct all your points clearly on the screen. Via GPS system and Google Earth is directly the location of your data points visible.