Airport monitoring, radar, public notices etc.

airport monitoring

When the Aurolex system is linked with the radar of an airport, railway or road information system, noise data can be tracked and displayed, establishing unique data for each flight monitored. With aircrafts, data is transferred automatically to the airport's Flight Information Data System software. The software ensures that each flight and flight tracking data are correctly labeled and placed so that each plane can be viewed independently.

The correlation between noise and flight-data is done every time a noise occurs. The exact time of the noise is recorded together with the source (the specific plane being monitored.) IThis makes it easy to trace the cause of noise. This same principle can be applied to other types of noise in which data of the occurring phenomenon is well known. It is also possible to connect conventional data recorder systems to Aurolex, such as the ABC Monitoring Box I, making it possible to send it to the Aurolex central server.