Sound level meter

Noise monitorning

The sound level meter of the monitoring sound (or other sensors that are connected to the Aurolex Monitoring System) stores large amounts of valuable information in the database.

The aurolex is in a lot of construction and demolition projects deployed to monitor in accordance with the Circular Construction noise. Noise automatically during the work Examples of the use of the aurolex include the construction of the Central Station in Rotterdam and The Hague. You need to have sound measurements. No knowledge itself The system takes care of everything automatically. You will receive an SMS or e-mail an alarm when certain standards are exceeded. You will also receive an automatic reporting at the end of the day with all the values​​. You can also create log-ins to download on-line data or to look at the time back. At the log-in portal, you can also create your own logo, graphics, tables and screens. Various construction monitoring companies use our systeem.Zo the system is used, among others at the NATO Air Base in Brunssum, Q-parking, HTM, Akzo Nobel, GasUni, Metro Amsterdam, TT Circuit, Concert Arwin v Buren, Maastricht Aachen Airport etc.