Aurolex sound
Aurolex is a fully automated, plug and play noise measurement device capable of storing large amounts of valuable information in its database. The sound level meter of the monitoring sound sensor (or other sensors that can be used with the Aurolex Monitoring System) can be set to accommodate data storage. All data is sent to a central server in real time or with a time interval to be determined (for example, once per day,) to then be sent to our data acquisition server. Noise events may be stored for later analysis or source identification. The sound meter in the noise monitoring system is first class and the microphone complies with IEC 61672 (2002). The microphone is a condenser prepolarised outdoor microphone unit without heating. The measurement range is 25 dB (A) to 141 dB (A) peak with a dynamic range of 120 dB.

Measurement data including Leq, Spl, L1-L99, Lmax, Lpiek, Takt maximal values ??Lden, Octave band et

The entire measurement system is weatherproof and works in temperatures from -10 to +50 degrees Celsius. Can be chosen for a heated microphone and optional third frequency analysis (Octave band analysis is standard). You can also choose three measurement profiles (eg dB, dB (A), etc.) which are simultaneously monitored. You can set your own parameters. Itself by measuring profile