Catering and Events

Examples where the system was used Aurolex include Queen and fairgrounds. Or, for example, the TT-circuit in Assen. Some municipalities use the Aurolex to do with catering companies that avoid noise complaints. Unattended noise measurements The Aurolex is used for online monitoring of noise requirements at events. In danger of being exceeded standards the hotel operator and the maintainer get an "alert message". Is some cases, it is desirable that can be used with the measured noise levels. Spied behind the mixers This is possible by giving the current measured values​​. Using a log-in with pre-specified rights on the proprietor of the event understanding In other long-term events, it is possible to open the public ones, where the measured sound levels can follow. An online public site An example is the public website of the province Assen where the noise levels are presented at TT events in the area.

Evenementen Monitoring