Construction and infra

The Aurolex is frequently used to monitor construction projects. Noise and vibration Some examples are the construction work at the Station The Hague and Rotterdam, Station the construction of the North-South line in Amsterdam, the construction of new jobs Babilon etc. Around the building site, a number Aurolex Monitoring systems placed at the site of homes, offices and hotels (Plug and Play). The systems are - online set according to the requirements of the specifications with corresponding alarm values. The contractor (s) will receive an SMS and / or e-mail if the limit for LAeq or LAmax or another measured quantity is exceeded. At a given point This he can take action at the site. At the end of the day (or over several times a day), he will e-mail a pdf-measurement report. This test report can be periodically sent justification of the actions taken by overruns. Towards the enforcement agencies It is also possible for the enforcement agencies to send. Direct report and / or alarm Exel one-sheet can also be included with all measurements including the spectral distribution of the sound directly.

Bouwlawaai monitoring